A Pledge To God (2018-19)

The Sh'Pill:

Just how much is a Mother willing to lose, to save her Son? And how much is a Son willing to risk, to stay alive? A family drama that explores controversial issues regarding the legal lines of Health. What’s just when saving a life?

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Best Time To Watch:

Watch when you’re ready to commit to a drama for a week straight or a long extended weekend.

Prescribed For:

Mature addicts who might like something to throw themselves into for an extended period of time.

Side Effects:

You’re left feeling that although things. might not be totally just, they might very well be fair to all parties involved.

Cast & Chemistry:

Oh Yoon Ah perfectly plays a villainous woman every time. You sometimes forget that it is her job and easily start to hate her. Lead child star, Wang Seok Hyang was so mature and really drew you in with his authenticity and mannerful approach.

Addiction Level:

2 Pills: Can be cool some episodes and addictive some episodes but really holds a nice. and steady pace.


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Hard Pill to Swallow
Like all Serial ODBs, it takes you on a rollercoaster that you sometimes wish would just coast along and not flip upside down so much. As soon as things seem to be going well for the characters, a shakeup is imminent. Sometimes you. just want the good times to roll… but where’s the drama in that?



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Exam Results:


Some of the chosen directions can get a bit annoying at at times but often finds a way to work themselves out. The beautiful moments even out some of the dragging ones.

Heart Effects:

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