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Angry Mom (2015)

The Sh'Pill:

When a mom has to protect her child, she’ll go from Momma Bear to Momma Beast, in a flash. This mom returns to high school to take on the bullies who are beating her daughter. They soon learn that they’re no match for Momma!

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Best Time To Watch:

Daytime and Weekends – this drama has a lot of night scenes and can seem dark. You’ll want to focus in more to stay awake.

Prescribed For:

Great for Newbies – Always exciting to see kdrama writers who. think outside of the box when creating fresh fantasy content.

Side Effects:

You will NEVER forget Kim Sun Hee as an undercover highschool mom! And when you see a student that you love, struggling, you’ll be very tempted with throwing on a uniform and trying your luck- but don’t. Ha… at the thought though.

Cast & Chemistry:

Cast Chemistry was great! Ji Soo really committed to his role and was awesome! Would have loved to see a little more warmth between Mom (Kim Sun Hee) and Daughter (Kim Joo Jung).

Addiction Level:

2.5 Pills – Some episodes are more addictive than others but it’s still pretty hard to stop watching.


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This show shines a light on the real issue and effects of bullying that might sometimes be a bit more downplayed in other dramas. But instead of simply letting things work themselves out and hopefully fade away, one mom, decides to do something about it.
Hard Pill to Swallow
The show can get a bit unbelievable in certain episodes and may be a bit of a stretch but all is acceptable in the world of Kdrama writing. I would have loved to see more dimensions in Kim Yoo Jung’s character but I also understand that the series was about her mom.



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Exam Results:


I highly recommend this Drama for those who haven’t seen. With. a few different choices in writing and character storylines, this series could have been and A+ all the way!

Heart Effects:

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