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Black (2017) B+

The Sh'Pill:

All hell breaks loose when a cold-hearted grim reaper who is tasked to look for his potentially dangerous runaway partner falls in love with a mortal woman. But things get even more complicated when the love of his life can foresee death and involves herself to prevent the looming doom. Is he willing to go against the grim reapers’ law to help the love of his life?

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

At night, if you have the guts to watch a creepy story before going to bed. But if you are a scaredy-cat, you better watch it in the morning.

Prescribed For:

Newbies and veterans who love haunting, suspense stories. It is also best for viewers who want a different kind of love story.

Side Effects:

You may find yourself getting the chills if you see some form of shadow looming at the back of the person in front of you.

Cast & Chemistry:

Aside from the lead stars, the supporting cast members add more depth to the story. Everyone contributed to the thrilling plot of the show.

Addiction Level:

2.5 pills! You may want to finish this show in one sitting if you are brave enough to watch it all day.


Original Network:


Places To Watch:

OCN, Viu, iQiyi

Episode Count:



Fans of suspense thrillers will enjoy the rollercoaster ride of this drama. The male lead’s stone-cold persona in the beginning had a major character development as the show progresses. All the cases handled by the lead characters turn out to be connected to each other, making the plot more interesting. The secondary plot about their love story add a dash of lightness in the supposedly dark drama.
Hard Pill to Swallow
The beginning of the series can be described as messy and dragging at the very least. It will take a few episodes before you find yourself hooked in the drama. But just when things begin to heat up, the show starts to become a little bland until the last parts of the story. The writers could have written a better ending.



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Exam Results:


If you want a thrilling drama with a side of romantic love story, then this is exactly what the doctor would prescribe. Just make sure you can still sleep at night after watching a couple of dark and twisted episodes.

Heart Effects:

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