Boys Over Flowers (2009)

The Sh'Pill:

A seemingly average, delivery girl, gets the chance of a lifetime, to attend a prestigious school of the rich and elite, and soon learns that money can’t buy class, and that only the tough can survive this school of elitist hard knocks.

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

Start anytime. Whether you’re able to stop watching, is the question you should ask yourself. This series is a bit lengthier so… brace yourself for an extra 10 episodes than what you might be used to.

Prescribed For:

Perfect for Newbies! Not only is this drama a classic, it’s a cult classic that many viewers have credited their kdrama addiction to. Can you say ‘Gateway Drug’? Like, how can you even call yourself an Addict if you’ve never seen this series?

Side Effects:

This is a Drama ‘high’ that you’ll never forget. Love it or hate it, (or even get frustrated with it) it stays with you like a true “Cult Classic” should. No wonder it’s a worldwide favorite! Beware: You could have a second lead syndrome… or in this case, sickness. Be strong!

Cast & Chemistry:

I’m not sure if you will find a more sizzling chemistry between a group of celestial-like guys than you will will the Infamous F4 crew. And Geum Jan-di, played by Koo Hye-sun, is perfect girl to burst their bubble and help bring them down to earth.

Addiction Level:

4 Pills! – Highly Addictive! Even through the frustrations and lengthy number of episodes, it’s still hard to put the remote down to errr… sleep.


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Another classic addition to your ever-growing K-drama collection is here, and quite possibly one of the most famous KDramas around the world! Because what can be more exciting for a modern day Cinderella story than a knight charging in on his flaming steed to save the day? Ummm, the sight of an F4 ‘Flower Boy’ racing in with his exceptionally cool, Lotus sports car, to make her the envy of all of her peers. Only, this version of the classic fairy tale depicts a hard-working young woman who, despite her family problems, perseveres, with a smile on her face, as she crosses paths and gets into increasingly complicated (yet hilarious) confrontations with four famous and wealthy boys at her school, infamously known as “F4”. With all of their riches, popularity, and good looks, these boys are still no match for the fearless, Geum Jan-di (Koo Hye-sun), and may even come to learn a bit or two from her. And you should know that series is what KDrama tropes are made of! If ‘BOF’ didn’t light the path for all the great and highly addictive tropes that we have come to love, what standard or guide would we have to follow? It has an impressive star-studded cast delivering an exciting tale. So what’s not to love? These are the things that have truly made this series a fan fave and international cult-classic!
Hard Pill to Swallow
WARNING: There were a few uncomfortable, and maybe even downright abusive, scenes of the show. But because the FL prevails in the end, this series still reigns triumphant! And despite its overuse of classic clichés, it’s still SO entertaining to watch! But be warned, it can feel a bit lengthy after a while, so if sleep is important- don’t start it just yet.



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Sure it can be frustrating at times, sure it can be super-addictive as well, and maybe even a bit predictable too (in the best possible way) but no one can ever accuse it of being boring!

Heart Effects:

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