Drama + Pharma


Heirs (2013)

Short Pill:

A satisfying take on the “rich boy, loves poor girl” tale, of a girl from a lower social class, who meets a young heir from an elite world that he invites her in to. Can she swim with the sharks? Or will she learn to tame them so she won’t sink?

Good Doctor (2013)

Short Pill:
Can a brilliant doctor, whose capabilities far surpass his peers, earn respect and a chance to prove that his so-called ‘disability’ is only a hindrance to those who discriminate against him, and not a reflection of his skills? Or will he just be seen as an autistic doctor who is unfit to understand the emotional needs of those around him?

Empress Ki (2013)

Short Pill:
Assuming the identity of a boy, to escape the life of a palace maid, a skilled fighting girl from Goryeo, finds favor with China’s Yuan Dynasty’s heir-to-the-throne, and becomes a prominent figure after overcoming war, politics, and betrayals on her path.

That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013)

Short Pill:
When a professional charmer tries to swoon a wealthy heiress, he finds himself in a much more vulnerable position than she appears to be in, and quickly discovers that love can be blinding, but never blind.

Gu Family Book (2013)

Short Pill:
In search of a centuries-old book that he believes will make him fully human, leads a werefox hybrid to dedicate his life to acquiring it. But will living more humanely than everyone else be enough to be accepted in a society that fears your very existence? And can finding the book ever change that?

Reply 1994 (2013) B+

Short Pill:
In classic “How I Met Your Mother” style, we travel back to 1994, to give us answers to how we got here. We follow a beloved group of friends, from the genesis of their meeting, to the marriages of the future, in this Coming of Age story, with each episode revealing a necessary puzzle piece to help you guess the outcome.