Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016)

Short Pill:
What’s better than a fairy Godmother, magically appearing to help you dazzle a prince for a night? A super-real Grandfather offering the contract of a lifetime to gain security and future independence. Oh, and the 4 princely suiters that come with the deal aren’t so bad either!

Descendants of the Sun (2016)

Short Pill:
Not all superheros wear capes. Some wear uniforms to protect the land, some wear medical coats and heal. But trying to save the world in the center of a war ravished land can cause us to lose sight of love we need to save for ourselves. The biggest hurdle in war is the war of the heart. Choosing to fight against love until the end, or raising the white flag to let it in?

Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016)

What can be better than a bunch of futuristic, historical flowers, with looks, smarts, and superstar smiles? Who, with their collective strength, have pledged their allegiance to take on conflicts of the social and political ruling class of the Silla kingdom? Well… their dance moves, of course! Duh!

Love in the Moonlight (2016)

Short Pill:
A young female disguises herself as a man to protect her family. She she finds more than she bargained for when she’s elevated from the pits of the street to the palace! How long can she survive before her secret is revealed? Can love bloom despite these strange circumstances?

Another Miss Oh! (2016)

Short Pill:
Tired of losing to, and always living in the shadows of someone with the same exact name, this Oh Hae Young, is ready to set herself apart and live on the winning end for once.

Come Back Mister (2016) B+

Short Pill:
When a man, who overworked himself to death, returns in the form of a woman’s body, he must protect his family the best way he can, all while learning how to navigate in his hot new body!

Age of Youth: Hello, My Twenties! (2016) B+

Short Pill:
Friends, Fights, Food, and Freedom! What more can you ask for in your twenties? Five roommates learn that you’ll get that and more, when heartache, heartbreak, heroes, and hell, are all included in the package as well. But that’s the cost of growing through the Age of Youth!