She Was Pretty (2015)

Short Pill:
A once pretty and popular girl, whose appearance is humbled down after years, is currently in the predicament of working under her childhood friend that she’s been avoiding. Will he reject the crush he once knew or remind himself that she was once pretty?

Dali and Cocky Prince (2021)

Short Pill:
When a rich woman and a poor man meet, with different personalities, surrounded by untrustworthy people who want power, the drama’s beautiful storyline comes to life. Is it possible for these two complete opposites to understand each other and persevere through the challenges of finding love?

Police University (2021) B

Short Pill:
Life at the National Police University is more exciting than expected, especially after three extremely different individuals crossed paths inside the campus. A professor, a former hacker, and a pretty and determined police officer wannabe have varied reasons why they entered the campus. But they pushed their differences aside to investigate the corruption taking place inside the prestigious university.

Mr. Queen (2020-21)

Short Pill:
An ill-mannered,present day chef, finds himself trapped inside the body of Queen Kim So-Yong from the Joseon era. While trying to sort out the chaos of being stuck in a different body, he/she, also has to deal with a gender switch which makes it worse… yet much more hilarious.

Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

Is seeking professional help enough to help heal a business heir, with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), or will it kill him just from trying to put his multiple, and very diverse, personalities in check for even a moment? This “meeting of the minds” dramedy gives so much to bite into.

Mad for Each Other (2021)

When two nutcases cross paths with each other, you can expect a lot of craziness and chaos with every encounter. But what happens if they fall madly in love with each other?

Soul Mechanic (Fix You) (2020)

Short Pill:
A Psychiatrist with unorthodox healing methods, coaches patients who don’t even realize they need help. And together, maybe they can break through, to get to the root of the problem. But first we’ll have to see who’s fixing whom?

Hello, Me! (2021)

Short Pill:
When Ban Ha-ni’s teenage self appears from the past to help her with her present self, will she allow her inner child to help heal the adult wounds and regrets she’s suffered so long or will she repeat the same decisions that got her there in the first place?

Vincenzo (2021)

Short Pill:
Who do you call when you’re just little fish being circled by big conglomerate sharks in a small pond? A charming mafia boss that doesn’t shy away from danger and never loses his cool. Someone who manages to stay calm under pressure, collected when ruffled, and ever so cute in the toughest scenarios. This Italian raised mafia boss is back in Korea to clean the swamp from the pond. Vincenzo… Cassano to the rescue!

Crash Landing on You (2019-20)

Short Pill:
A cute, colorful, and surprisingly funny, “rom-com” about a love that blossoms when a bossy South Korean business woman meets a disciplined North Korean soldier when she gets stranded across the demilitarized zone during a freak accident.