Drama + Pharma


Be Melodramatic (2019)

Short Pill:

A fresh and REALISTIC view of life in Korea for young, 20-something, career professionals, who are trying to conquer the hurdles of life, delays of dreams, and emotions of love… all while learning about their authentic selves on the road to Thirty.

Dream High (2011)

Short Pill:
Why dream low when you can achieve everything that you work for with a little hard work and patience? Why give up when you have a school dedicated to help push you to the finish line? Why sing so low when you can scream high? But can all dreams come true at Dream High?

Reply 1994 (2013) B+

Short Pill:
In classic “How I Met Your Mother” style, we travel back to 1994, to give us answers to how we got here. We follow a beloved group of friends, from the genesis of their meeting, to the marriages of the future, in this Coming of Age story, with each episode revealing a necessary puzzle piece to help you guess the outcome.

Dear My Friends (2016)

Short Pill:
Who says the best years of your life are before your Fifties? Or that your Golden years are reserved just to wait and die comfortably? These friends are just getting started and have declared the best times ahead of them. But why take that wild journey alone, when you can ride it out in laughter and love, with your ‘Dear’ friends?

Fight For My Way! (2017)

Short Pill:
This is a story that follows the “It” crowd from their glory moments in High School, into the lowest moments of their adult lives. We watch them fight to get their lives back on track, all while watching the bigger fight preparing to happen in the ring.

Search WWW (2019) B+

Short Pill:

Two competing search engine companies try to make it the the top, while blurring the moral and ethical lines to get there. Search WWW is the not common drama that you’re used to. Love and Romance is not at the center of these storylines. Winning is. These are high powered and very determined Women who bring their own brand of “running shit” to the corporate race.