Drama + Pharma


She Was Pretty (2015)

Short Pill:
A once pretty and popular girl, whose appearance is humbled down after years, is currently in the predicament of working under her childhood friend that she’s been avoiding. Will he reject the crush he once knew or remind himself that she was once pretty?

True Beauty (2020-21) B+

Short Pill:

When a lifelong face-skin challenged girl discovers how to cover up her flaws with makeup, she inherits more than popularity, and must learn how to deal with the issues and mistrust that comes from concealing who you really are.

Birth of a Beauty (2014-15) B+

Short Pill:
They say that Beauty is only “skin deep” but the world rarely looks beyond the face to discover the beauty inside. Can new packaging promote what you want the world to see. or should you change how. you see yourself in the world?

My ID is Gangnam Beauty (2018)

Short Pill:
They say Beauty is only skin deep but that doesn’t always ring true in certain societies. In a world where beauty is rated, and faces are judged, can plastic beauty still compete in a classic beauty world?

Cheongdam-dong Alice (2012)

Short Pill:
A modern day twist on “Alice in Wonderland” that follows a talented, young designer, in her desire to join the who’s-who, socialite scene, of the ritzy Cheongdam-dong neighborhood, in Seoul. Getting accepted into that class of people is no easy feat, so just how far down the rabbit-hole is she willing to go, to get there?