Little Women (2022)

Short Pill:
Three sisters who grew up in poverty suddenly find their lives turned upside down when they become a part of a mysterious incident involving one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the country. How can poor city girls survive against the power of the rich and tricky?

Juvenile Justice (2022)

An elite judge with a cold and arrogant personality becomes the new judge of a juvenile court, despite her strong dislike for juvies. Can her style of bringing justice discipline the erring juveniles?

One Ordinary Day (2021)

Short Pill:
What happens when a seemingly ordinary college student mysteriously becomes the prime suspect in a murder case? Will the truth win out and justice be served or is the punishment already just enough for the accused?

Sisyphus: The Myth (2021) B-

Short Pill:
When a bizarre occurrence exposes an engineer to disturbing revelations and influences him to investigate the deaths of his brother and a woman who is a warrior from the future, tasked with saving lives from the massive damage, will they be able to overcome the difficulties and succeed in spite of all odds?

Jirisan (2021) B+

Short Pill:
When disturbing speculations about Jirisan National Park’s unexplored locations begin to circulate, the resolve of rangers and other park employees, desperately looking for surviving victims and missing climbers in the mountain, pushes it to the limits.

Squid Game (2021)

Short Pill:
456 players bet on higher stakes and compete to win at the most nostalgic childhood games in an ironically brutal setting. Cruel choices, desperate measures, and desire to survive. All for a fair chance to escape the harsh realities of their present lives.

Record of Youth (2020)

Short Pill:
Making your mark on the world is no easy feat. What’s harder is when everyone is watching, making it scarier to fail. But believe whole-heartedly that this is where you were meant to be, and let your record of youth tell the rest of the story. “I was here!”

Mr. Sunshine (2018) B+

Short Pill:
Imagine returning home to your country of birth, to fulfil a lifelong purpose, only to be distracted by a person with the power to melt your freezing heart. Who’s strong enough to fulfil a mission, when matters of the heart threaten to make you mush along the way?!

Hospital Playlist Season 2 (2021) A

Short Pill:
The doctors are back and in for some new adventures! This time, prepare to learn more about Yulje Medical Center’s five most sought-after doctors as they face their personal lives outside their hospital duties.

Mad for Each Other (2021)

When two nutcases cross paths with each other, you can expect a lot of craziness and chaos with every encounter. But what happens if they fall madly in love with each other?