Drama + Pharma


Start-Up (2020)

Short Pill:
When two sisters, who were separated in their youth, are reunited at a competition, sibling rivalry rears its ugly head, as feelings of deception, doubts, and jealousy, create hurdles on the way to the finish line of a major business opportunity.

Be Melodramatic (2019)

Short Pill:

A fresh and REALISTIC view of life in Korea for young, 20-something, career professionals, who are trying to conquer the hurdles of life, delays of dreams, and emotions of love… all while learning about their authentic selves on the road to Thirty.

Because This Is My First Life (2017)

Short Pill:
In what feels like an impossible situation, a guy and girl agree to marry, for reasons outside of love, and discover that handshake love deals aren’t as simple as they may seem, even when you follow the rules to the letter.

Misaeng: Incomplete Life (2014)

Short Pill:
Can an office intern, survive the challenges of the corporate world with only a G.E.D.? Can he handle the harsh blame and bureaucratic environment where he finds himself under pressure and overly anxious about fulfilling his goals?

Radiant Office (2017)

Short Pill:
After being down on her luck and believing that life couldn’t possibly throw anymore hardships her way, a young woman on a verge of a breakdown decides to live life on her terms, with fearlessness, perseverance, and a little but of shamelessness. Which are all of the ingredients that make for a radiant office-mate!