Drama + Pharma


Little Women (2022)

Short Pill:
Three sisters who grew up in poverty suddenly find their lives turned upside down when they become a part of a mysterious incident involving one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the country. How can poor city girls survive against the power of the rich and tricky?

Memorist (2020)

Short Pill:

A charming detective has a supernatural ability to read other people’s memories. When a series of murders started, he began to work with a highly-skilled criminal profiler to run after the killer and avoid more deaths. But as they chase the killer, something about their troubled pasts started to come out.

One Ordinary Day (2021)

Short Pill:
What happens when a seemingly ordinary college student mysteriously becomes the prime suspect in a murder case? Will the truth win out and justice be served or is the punishment already just enough for the accused?

Sisyphus: The Myth (2021) B-

Short Pill:
When a bizarre occurrence exposes an engineer to disturbing revelations and influences him to investigate the deaths of his brother and a woman who is a warrior from the future, tasked with saving lives from the massive damage, will they be able to overcome the difficulties and succeed in spite of all odds?

Jirisan (2021) B+

Short Pill:
When disturbing speculations about Jirisan National Park’s unexplored locations begin to circulate, the resolve of rangers and other park employees, desperately looking for surviving victims and missing climbers in the mountain, pushes it to the limits.

Vagabond (2019) A-

Short Pill:
A stuntman’s life is turned upside down when his orphaned nephew dies in a mysterious plane crash. When he discovers a clue proving that the crash was not an accident, will his investigation with a covert NIS operative point him towards the truth?

Squid Game (2021)

Short Pill:
456 players bet on higher stakes and compete to win at the most nostalgic childhood games in an ironically brutal setting. Cruel choices, desperate measures, and desire to survive. All for a fair chance to escape the harsh realities of their present lives.

The Penthouse I: War in Life (2020)

Short Pill:
People living a rich life are bound to have their lives shaken by scandals here and there, and the residents of Hera Palace find themselves in a bind after the tragic death of a student. Mystery, thriller, and the sound of music ,combined with adult affairs and teenage angst will keep you on edge.

Hometown (2021)

Short Pill:
When a mysterious murder case takes place in the small rural town, bringing a veteran cop back to the force, to partner with the sister of the serial killer who killed his wife, things get a little darker when they discover what little evidence they have to solve the case.

Black (2017) B+

Short Pill:All hell breaks loose when a cold-hearted grim reaper who is tasked to look for his potentially dangerous runaway partner falls in love with a mortal woman. But things get even more complicated when the love of his life can foresee death and involves herself to prevent the looming doom. Is he willing to go against the grim reapers’ law to help the love of his life?