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Come and Hug Me (2018)

The Sh'Pill:

Painful memories resurface when two adults, reunite, and try hard to push past the trauma that entangled them together as youth. Can happiness and healing grow from so much pain?

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Best Time To Watch:

Any time of the day, but probably best to start early since there are so many episodes to cover.

Prescribed For:

All Audiences! I watched this right after “Be Melodramatic” and it was a perfect switch to something more of a classic k-drama feel.

Side Effects:

Super Intense. Super Thrilling. And at times… Spine Chilling! The eerie and scary feelings stay with you longer than you hope they will.

Cast & Chemistry:

Addiction Level:

2 pills (It makes you want to know what the characters are up to, without losing sleep to do it)


Original Network:


Places To Watch:


Episode Count:

32 (1/2 hr)


Imagine your life being turned upside down because of a serial killer. Now imagine if that serial killer is someone who lives in your home. Now imagine having something traumatic happening to a person close to you, that you couldn’t protect, because of the serial killer in your home. And now you grow up and meet with that person again. And this is where the story begins… Apologetic his entire life, Yoon Na Moon (a.k.a. Choi Do Jin) played by Jang Ki Yon, never gets what he wants or needs because he doesn’t want to ask or complain, and makes it his business to move out of the way for anyone else, anyone, to skip the line, in life, before him. This drama is about a cry held in for much longer than any person can stand, and a hug that is much needed, but long overdue. This drama gets straight to the point. I love any series that doesn’t stall and is a steady moving train.
Hard Pill to Swallow
This is a very heavy drama. It can take an emotional toll because of the intensity of the suspense. Once you make it off the ride, you’re still left with a few chills. Having a few more light and fluffy scenes might’ve been good for your aching stomach or weakened heart.



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Exam Results:


Had this had a few more smiles and a little bit of sunshine, it could have easily been a rewatchable and easier drama. But the heaviness that it leaves makes it enjoyable only once.

Heart Effects:

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