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Descendants of the Sun (2016)

The Sh'Pill:

Not all superheros wear capes. Some wear uniforms to protect the land, and some wear medical coats to heal them. But trying to save the world in the center of a war ravished land can cause us to lose sight of love we need to save for ourselves. The biggest hurdle in war is the war of the heart. Choosing to fight against love until the end, or raising the white flag to let it in?

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Best Time To Watch:

Anytime is a perfect time to watch Descendants of the Sun! You are missing a lot if you still haven’t seen this drama!

Prescribed For:

Everyone! Both women and men can enjoy this drama! Would be really great for someone coming off of a comedy binge, who is looking for something weighty to sink their teeth into.

Side Effects:

Being all giddy and foolishly smiling are the things you’ll unconsciously do when you suddenly remembered several romantic and iconic moments included in this drama. It’s crazy. I know!

Cast & Chemistry:

The chemistry between the two first leads is the real deal here. It was all-natural, as if they weren’t even acting at all. With the contrasting personalities of the male leads, it was also more fun to watch their silly antics. Their bromance is so powerful and a fresh take for a melodrama.

Addiction Level:

4 pills! Flawed, but not without its charms that will keep you wanting for another episode, and then another, all the way until you unnoticeably reach the credits roll.


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An epic love story of a humanitarian doctor, Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) and a special forces soldier, Yoo Shi Jin, (Song Joon Ki) brewing at the center of a war-torn country called Uruk. And just as fate seems to step in and work on their behalf, differences of opinions and opposing philosophies cause an internal blockade they aren’t willing to break through. Descendants of the Sun will have you rooting for love to blossom during what oftentime feels like impossible missions. Aside from the stunning backdrop, (which was mostly filmed in Greece) what you’ll love the most about this drama are its characters. Their personalities aren’t stereotypical, yet compliments each other well. Captain Yoo is straightforward and doesn’t deny his feelings for Doctor Kang. He is unabashed and takes action for what he feels, which is quite different from most male leads from other dramas. Another excellent character build-up is Myung Joo, a strong, independent, capable woman who doesn’t waiver and does what she wants. So no matter how improbable the plot gets, you can’t help but continue to watch as you grow strong attachments to these characters.
Hard Pill to Swallow
The storyline is quite cheesy and predictable, and sometimes turns illogical and fictionalized just to invest more in to the romance part…. but so what!? Sure, some of the medical and rescue practices might make you raise an eyebrow with their unrealistic portrayal of how doctors operate but all is forgiven, and even expected in dramaland. Nonetheless, if you’re up to making your heart flutter, then you’ve come to the right place.



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Yoo Shi-Jin
Kang Mo-Yeon
Yoon Myeong-Joo


Exam Results:


The story plot may be far from perfect, but it still lives up to the enormous hype it gets worldwide. The anticipation left an impressive record with its excellent ratings and global popularity. Even the people who don’t often watch Korean dramas knew about this one! Plus, I’ll also give a solid 5/5 for the OST. All songs were very epic and melodic!

Heart Effects:

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