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Good Doctor (2013)

The Sh'Pill:

Can a brilliant doctor, whose capabilities far surpass his peers, earn respect and a chance to prove that his so-called ‘disability’ is only a hindrance to those who discriminate against him, and not a reflection of his skills? Or will he just be seen as an autistic doctor who is unfit to understand the emotional needs of those around him?

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Best Time To Watch:

This is a great watch any day, any time, and any season. It’s so inspirational and easy to watch that you’ll feel great through sun or clouds.

Prescribed For:

It’s suitable for people of all ages but great for RECOVERY. Would even recommend this to newbies since it’s so easy to watch. Everyone’s heart will be touched and warmed with the beauty and acceptance for all people, regardless of their disabilities.

Side Effects:

Leaves you with the high of possibilities. I always love dramas that allow you to root for the underdog and watch them come out swinging.

Cast & Chemistry:

Oddly enough, for this to be a drama about an autistic doctor who has a hard time showing his emotions, this cast sure did bring a LOT of heat! But not sizzling romantic heat- more like a heartfelt, inspirational warmth.

Addiction Level:

So easy to watch, you won’t even realize that you’re just a bit tipsy. I’ll give this a solid 3 cocktails. Before you know it, you will have binged the entire series in a day or two.


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For me, the only adjective that adequately describes this drama is INSPIRATIONAL. Good Doctor is a heartwarming drama about a brilliant surgeon who has Savant Syndrome. He’s a doctor who’s having a hard time fitting in with the other doctors in the pediatrics department. A remarkable story of one man’s journey to overcome the odds and realize his dream with the help of those around him was told in this series. Many complicated issues are addressed, and it’s a heartbreaker for some people. Despite this, the drama never weighs down the story, which incorporates lighthearted moments to lighten the mood.
Hard Pill to Swallow
Another episode should have been added to wrap up the open-ended love stories that didn’t provide much closer, like the Head Nurse and Senior Nurse, and Han Jin’s love story.



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Exam Results:


Solid writing, solid acting, solid cast. This show was so genuine that it is now being recreated around the world, and is presently doing very well in the American market.

Heart Effects:

Recommended Follow-up:

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