Hi Bye, Mama! (2020)

The Sh'Pill:

A ghost mother was given a second chance in life to settle her issues on earth in exactly 49 days. But what if another woman already filled her spot in her family’s life? A classic twist on the theory of 49 days and a bittersweet dilemma of whether she’ll voluntarily leave or face the consequences of the heavens.

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Best Time To Watch:

Any time of the day! You could literally start in the middle of the night and be fully tuned in. Better to prepare rolls of tissue just in case.

Prescribed For:

All Audiences. Newbies will think it’s cute. Veterans could go either way. It’s a great drama for families who are looking for a show to binge-watch together. However, it may be emotionally draining drama for some.

Side Effects:

Complicated emotions that you’ve felt while watching the show might linger to you as it might be a bit taxing to watch. However, they did a fantastic job for the ending as it gives closure to both the show and what you’ve been feeling about it. When it’s done, it’s done. You smile, and you move on.

Cast & Chemistry:

You’ll know that the actors did a fantastic job when you strongly empathize with the characters. How the whole cast works together makes each character shine and has their spotlight during the show. I would say that this will be a breakout drama for Go Bo-Gyeol as you can’t help but be drawn by her. There’s something sincere and raw about her presence. Plus, she’s super adorable.

Addiction Level:

2 Pills: It’s definitely a feel good drama, but not quite addictive. You can definitely enjoy it at your leisure.


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Watching this series will put you in the same dilemma that the protagonist is feeling. It explores the complicated emotions of the characters that will make you understand where they’re coming from. You’ll realize that they’re all just a victim of circumstances in a way that you wouldn’t want to cause pain to any of the characters. It’s an emotional and sad story that naturally shows how people have different ways to grief and cope with losing a loved one. Overall, It’s an adorable drama. A feel-good show that’s perfect for a family. A different twist on the ghost tales you’re used to. With a whole new set of rules to consider, it makes you wonder how flexible the lives of those unseen can truly be. This show is a perfect blend of Stepmom, Oh My Ghostess, and 49 Days. It shows just how far a mom will go to be with her child. She will cross realms and move Heaven and Earth if need be.
Hard Pill to Swallow
There weren’t many things that I disliked in this drama. Some side stories felt like a filler that drags the plot; it would’ve left more impact if they made it shorter. Nonetheless, It was pretty easy going and easy to watch. I do wish, though, that I would’ve understood the rules of her visitation a bit more. That might’ve been one of the only confusions that I had to deal with.



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For someone who doesn’t always cry while watching shows, this drama literally broke me. It had me crying until my eyes got swollen. This is a tearjerker that has underlying solid themes that will leave us with realistic lessons in life.

Heart Effects:

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