Hometown (2021)

The Sh'Pill:

When a mysterious murder case takes place in the small rural town, bringing a veteran cop back to the force, to partner with the sister of the serial killer who killed his wife, things get a little darker when they discover what little evidence they have to solve the case.

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Best Time To Watch:

If you are a scaredy-cat who gets easily scared with psychological thrillers with creepy cult practices, cold murders, and gore, then you better watch it while the sun is still up.

Prescribed For:

Drama bingers who enjoy mind-boggling crime thrillers and mysterious plots. Suspense stories are not for the weak of heart.

Side Effects:

Expect to feel goosebumps each time the detective and the terrorist face each other.

Cast & Chemistry:

Although not the most popular leads, the three main characters did an outstanding job in portraying their roles for this series. The acting definitely keeps you intrigued with the storyline.

Addiction Level:

3 pills. The cliffhangers keep you holding on for one more episode, each time, making you want to find out the connection of the recorded tape to the current crimes.


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A heinous crime tied a senior violent crime detective to the place where his wife died a brutal and senseless death in the hands of a terrorist. But after another crime took place in the same rural town, he need to go back to solve it. Yet he had to work with the sister of the person responsible for his wife’s death to look for the terrorist’s daughter and prevent more cold murders from happening in the city. It requires the detective and the terrorist sister to face their trauma head-on and confront the ruthless murderer despite their trauma.
Hard Pill to Swallow
The teenage characters failed to make a connection to the audience. You will hardly miss them in the story. Also, the supernatural elements that were hinted during the early episodes were not explored properly.



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Exam Results:


It could have been a better drama if it managed to tie all the loose ends before the finale. But the superb acting of the leads is enough to convince you to watch the series.

Heart Effects:

Recommended Follow-up:

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