Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

The Sh'Pill:

Legend has it that when a mermaid falls in love, not even a lifetime apart can make that love fade. That rings true in this upbeat and entertaining series about a beautiful sea maiden, who has to quickly learn the new ways of the modern world, when she recognizes a familiar face from the Joseon era that she believes has the answers she seeks.

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

The earlier you watch it, the better! It’s so addictive that you will want to finish it in a day. Best for weekends, or days off, when you can commit to not moving away from the screen for longer than a minute!

Prescribed For:

A great GATEWAY DRUG for Newbies! Of course, K-Vets will appreciate it as well, but this fantastical and outlandish storyline is what Kdramas are famous for, and if you’ve never seen one, this is a great first. Rom-com devotees will not want to miss this one!

Side Effects:

The effects of Jun Ji-hyun are never easy to get over. The characters she chooses are always memorable and the acting choices she makes, stick in your head. Just can’t get enough of her… long after she’s gone!

Cast & Chemistry:

Let’s be real, there is no one like Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun! Regardless of roles, they really bring out the best in each other and their characters. This couple has GREAT on-screen chemistry and impressive comedic timing that’s magical to watch! Will definitely will go down as one of great comedic duos in k-drama history.

Addiction Level:

3 Pills! Because there’s something new to discover in each episode, with its breathtaking sceneries, it never gets old or boring to watch. You can rewatch several times and still find it amusing! I was hooked after watching the first two episodes.


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This is a bright, spunky, and incredibly cool drama all rolled into one. Once again, Hallyu Royalty, Lee Min-ho, from the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and Jun Ji-Hyun, from popular drama ‘My Love from the Star’, prove themselves to be the reigning king and queen of romantic comedies, while delivering an unbelievably good series. You can’t possibly imagine how funny they make a story about a human and mermaid love, and the consequences their relationship brings, to life. Their love story continues from the Joseon era, when their love was paused, to a contemporary love story in Seoul. There are two storylines in the drama: one takes place in the present day, and the other in the Joseon era. I was extremely taken with the way the underwater scenes were captured. This drama will make you feel a wide range of emotions, from extreme laughter to quite a bit of tears. It has it all: comedy, tragedy, suspense, romance, and everything in between. Watch it and you won’t be disappointed!
Hard Pill to Swallow
Many viewers haven’t given this series a proper chance because of the slow and sometimes confusing beginning. But if you continue to dive deeper in, you will find a gem of a jewel that can easily brighten your mood, and at the very least, join your list of beloved dramas. Stick with it- because I promise it will be totally worth it.



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Exam Results:


If Park Ji Eun wrote it, chances are, I’m watching it! From “My Love from the Star” to the newest kdrama instant classic, “Crash Landing on You”, “Legend of the Blue Sea” was bound to capture my heart in the same way!

Heart Effects:

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