If you described Song Kang in one word, it would be DANGEROUS! A single gaze will make you instantly bewitched, and you can’t help but fall under the spell of his quirky charm. He exudes masculinity but never the cocky type, and his broad shoulders unexpectedly complement his pretty facial features, making him unconventionally sexy. […]


As one of Korea’s most sought-after young actors, Jo Byeong Kyu shines in every role he takes on! And furthermore, his breathtaking appearance and enchanting eyes complement his equally outstanding acting in all of his drama series.” The Uncanny Counter” is one of his series that, after watching it, will leave you with goosebumps on […]


Gracing the magazine pages with her ethereal beauty, Shin Min Ah dominated bigger screens not long after. Her strong presence from modeling, music video appearances, and acting in well loved dramas, landed her high-end luxury brand deals and opportunities to prove herself as the A-list celebrity that she is. From learning how to dance, doing […]


Because he doesn’t conform to any particular mold, possesses an enigmatic allure of his own, and his innocent face can melt viewers’ hearts, Kim Jung Hyun proves that he understands how to catch viewers’ attention! From “Welcome to Waikiki” to “Crash Landing On You” to “Mr. Queen,” he has showcased his versatility. Some of his […]


There’s no way you haven’t heard of the Gangnam Beauty star! Im Soo Hyang’s flawless portrayal in various roles always does justice to each scene she is entrusted to, whether classy, stupid, sweet, vicious, or cold! Yes, she can depict them all perfectly! In addition, the gracefulness with which she carries herself, beginning with the […]


Innocent, sweet, clumsy, cranky, charming, and stylish are all words that can be used to describe Lee Yo Won! She is the compelling force behind the success of “49 Days,” as well as the show’s heart and soul! Moreover, her character in the “Avengers Social Club,” which is amusing and innocent, perfectly complements her innocent […]