Always an outstanding and versatile actress, Han Hyo Joo, can play various roles with ease and without hesitation. Although she has a simple appearance, she has an uplifting vibe and infectious smile! Her warmth and sincerity is captured in every scene she’s in. In every aspect of her career, from romantic comedy to action, she […]


Even though most actresses are typical in having an innocent identity or are capable of playing a variety of roles, Go Ara, stands out even more for her uniqueness! A 100% Korean beauty with stunning hazel eyes? How unusual! But she is an unusual, cheerful, and kind hearted soul, whose works are well worth seeing! […]


A versatile actor with gorgeous looks and majestic acting skills, Nam Joo Hyuk is on his way to becoming a Korean drama king! An illustration of his recent headline-grabbing drama is “Start-Up.” In that scene, he really did embody the perfect persona of the character. He showed a broad spectrum of emotions. He excelled at […]


Many actors are undeniably good-looking and charming, but Choi Jin Hyuk is, without a doubt, one of those actors who can make your heart flutter from the very first time you see him! All types of roles have come naturally to him, from romantic dramas to thrillers; he has nailed every one of them. After […]


There are certain actors who command the screen and can’t be missed! He is one of them. SO talented, and SO versatile, that he effortlessly embodies the essence of any character he portrays, this is our Ji Sung! And with age and experience, he creates even more complex and fascinating pieces of art, and “must-sees” […]


Maybe it’s the lips or the innocent gaze. Maybe it’s the stance when his eyes look your way. Whatever magic charm Kim Soo Hyun uses to get his fish to the bait- chances are you’re hooked in every way! He’s the best of the best, in a class of his own, and honored as the […]