Child actors in Korea are heavily dominated by desirable young boys and girls who exhibit their innocent charms in exchange for public affection. They are expected to smile, speak innocently, and connect with the audience with their light-hearted fun. However, with Kim Sae Ron who started as a child actress, there is a distinction because […]


The kind of girl you see all over the place, but Chae Soo Bin is still a standout because of her simplicity and uniqueness! She was nominated for an Excellence Award for her performance in “Love in the Moonlight,” for which she received widespread attention. “I’m Not a Robot” was the television series that made […]


If you think of Jo In Sung, then you probably envision the essence of masculinity, suave, and cool- all wrapped into one. Whenever he’s on-screen, something about his somber and sexy appeal, catches your attention. He has that magnetism that matches him well with many of his leading ladies. And we can’t get enough of him either!!!


Got a bad day? He’s got you. Feeling sad? He’ll be your happy pill. Tired from work? He’ll make you laugh until it wins over your exhaustion. No one can do a better job of making your day brighter than Lee Kwang Soo. He’s effortlessly hilarious, even as an actor! As a comedian, Kwang Soo […]


Some people’s uniqueness makes them stand out from the crowd, and Gong Yoo exemplifies this concept perfectly. He’s been a fan favorite in every role he’s played. This is what makes Gong Yoo’s productions so popular and lucrative because he’s equally at home in action and dramatic series. It’s surprising how well the characters he […]


Girls are often swooning over bright smiles and good-boy looking actors, but Kim Woo Bin’s signature cocky charm will make you instantly switch to his team! With only his charismatic and arrogant smirk, 5 minutes will already have you hooked real bad. Newbies may find his ultra confident, devil-may-care attitude, as obnoxious or rude, but […]


Known for her acting prowess and diverse body of work, Im Soo Jung has wowed audiences both in Korea and around the world. Have you seen her in “Chicago Typewriter?” Her presence in this series instantly captivates viewers, and her role in “Search: WWW” is even more enthralling. You cannot help but be awestruck by […]


Quickly establishing herself as one to watch, and even beat, Yeo Bin’s cool, yet intense persona, drills right through the screen and embeds itself right into your brainy heart. Bringing a fresh approach to every character that she takes on, she’s surely becoming quite the chameleon, that you sometimes forget that she is an actor […]