The epitome of charm in his generation, Jang Dong Gun justifies this position. One of South Korea’s highest-paid actors who invariably delivered striking executions in all characters he portrayed. Who could not be captivated by his heartbreaking performance in the war movie “Tae Guk Gi,” and his top-grossing film “Friend”? Like the way his movie […]


If you’re not singing to “I’m Your Girl” to S.E.S or one of the first KPop groups; then you might not be familiar with Eugene. She’s a singer-actress with a voice of an angel and the prowess of a tiger! Famous for her works as a solo singer, a band member, and an actress, Eugene […]


Who doesn’t recognize the man dubbed as the “Face Genius” of the Hallyu wave? Who, due to the widespread belief that his good looks were lifted directly from the comic books gods, scored a remarkable lead in the 2020 live-action webtoon, “True Beauty” because of his striking resemblance to the popular toon’s animated lead. Even […]


By just looking at her, there’s something very fascinating about Jung So Min. Her acting is natural, and the expressions in her eyes add to the overall beauty of her appearance. You can feel the emotions in her eyes and facial expressions alone. Everything she does is so effortless, it’s as if the character has […]


Ahn Jae Hong’s smile and the way he delivers his lines to a scene are both absolutely phenomenal! He can quickly draw your attention to any scene he’s in! For his outstanding portrayal of Kim Jung Bong in the hit drama series “Reply 1988,” and his role as Son Beom Soo in the drama series […]


Known for her vibrant, delightful, and adorable smile, Park Min Young has an infectious laugh, putting a positive vibe for the rest of the day! Beyond her alluring appearance, she has won over a growing number of devoted fans over the past few years with her acting prowess and high flexibility, not to mention her […]