Park Hae Jin gained fame for his significant roles in well beloved dramas “My Love from the Star”, “Doctor Stranger” and Korean ‘cult classic’ “Cheese in the Trap”. He is a highly talented actor and has been described as a “heartthrob” by many fans. It doesn’t matter what character he’s playing; his intensity slays them […]


They say dimples are a genetic defect, but how does this facial deformity contribute to Kim Seon Ho’s perfection? With a simple smile, casually flashing not only one but two(!) of his charming dimples, making the whole world brighter. The way he smiles brings warmth and fluttering feelings that no other person can. Yes, visual […]


A dark and moody beauty that entrances with her stillness of depth, “IU”, one of the most famous actresses constantly in the spotlight in South Korea, possesses an indisputable aura that can only be called magical. Recognized as the “nation’s sweetheart”, a musical genius with an angelic voice capable of inducing goosebumps, IU is more […]


You’d think she was a teenager just by looking at her, wouldn’t you? There’s no denying that she draws attention, and her popularity soars because of her enticingly young look. Yes, Go Bo Gyeol is genetically blessed, but hey, not only is she endowed with her youthful and innocent look, but she’s also a fantastic […]