Who doesn’t admire his character development and transition, as well as his impeccable acting? As a multi-award-winning actor who isn’t afraid to try new things, Yoo Ah-In, is well-known for taking a wide range of roles in film and television. He defies categorization. From an unruly high schooler, to a resilient teenage boy, to an […]


Numerous celebrities are incredibly talented, but Yoon Eun Hye remains the best in the eyes of her fans. Why not? Fans adore her for the way she acts naturally in each role she has played. The beauty comes naturally to her, without her having to work too hard in her roles. Her chemistry with her […]


With a face that cameras seem to love, Kim Ji Won passes all Korean beauty categories, with flying colors. The way she connects on-screen, screams- star quality, like she’s born to be a celebrity! Whether she’s playing a rich brat that we love to hate (or secretly just love to watch), in the cult-classic, “Heirs“, […]


Iconic beauty. Innocent vibe. Girl next door cuteness. And a singing voice from the heavens! Who doesn’t know Bae Suzy? Her perfect portrayal of all her characters makes Bae Suzy not only beautiful, but a growing talent! Dubbed as one of the “Nation’s First Loves” and “Commercial Film Queen,” and also an excellent dancer and […]


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Known for her elegance and acting prowess, Jun Ji Hyun never fails to excite her fans. She also has an impeccable taste in clothing and always appears stunning, regardless of what she is wearing. As an actress, her dramas My Sassy Girl, Windstruck, and My Love From the Star were big hits in Korea and […]


Seo Kang Joon is a versatile actor who can play anything from a happy robot to a wealthy and arrogant heir. He truly is a one-of-a-kind!. Sometimes you might cringe and still like him at the same time, because who can resist him? Due to his notable and passionate kissing scene in his drama ‘Entourage,’ […]