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Mr. Queen (2020-21)

The Sh'Pill:

An ill-mannered,present day chef, finds himself trapped inside the body of Queen Kim So-Yong from the Joseon era. While trying to sort out the chaos of being stuck in a different body, he/she, also has to deal with a gender switch which makes it worse… yet much more hilarious.

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Best Time To Watch:

Any time of the Day! There is not one dull moment in this series. Whenever you start, chances are that you won’t stop.

Prescribed For:

All Audiences: This show can easily attract new addicts in the making and is the perfect fix for pros who need picker-upper. Even people who aren’t into historical drama will find this enjoyable! If you’re looking for a lighthearted drama to watch after a tiring day at work, then you gotta start with Mr. Queen.

Side Effects:

I had a very good laugh and shed lots of sad and happy tears while watching this drama. If you want a drama that has everything you could ask for (action, emotional moments, comedy, and romance), then this is the RIGHT one for you! Just try to take caution while eating because of a high probability of getting choked for laughing so hard. We wouldn’t want that to happen ;)

Cast & Chemistry:

All of the characters work in harmony making their acts look so natural and realistic. You’ll grow fond of the supporting characters as they contributed a lot to make the show worth the watch! Their unfiltered reactions and chaotic personalities complement each other that you’ll laugh harder more than you expected.

Addiction Level:

4 Pills: This show is Addictive the whole way through. You miss a beat, you’ll miss a lot of heat.


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Episode Count:



This is not your typical historical kdrama which usually contains a serious vibe. It’s a show which was surprisingly fun and had a great comedy. Every episode will thoroughly entertain you and makes you laugh nonstop, even during the intense scenes. Such a stress buster! You’ll rarely find a unique historical drama injected with a time travel twist that added witty humor to the story. The screenplay is intriguing and the actors did a great job holding the pace of the story. It doesn’t have any dull moments at all. The blending and transition of the historical and modern era were smooth and neatly done. Hats off to Shin Hye Sun for her fantastic portrayal of a male character in the body of a female (Jang Bong-Hwa). She ate it up and left no crumbs! Her confused expressions were all on point, turning her jokes so original and extremely hilarious. This is seriously one of the best and funny historical dramas that demand a rewatch!
Hard Pill to Swallow
You’ll need to be patient for a few more episodes before really being into it. It’s a slow start, but it gets REALLY better as the story progresses. It may be ended a bit abruptly with no proper closure for the characters, but there are some refreshing developments with the plot that you’ll never expect. I just wish that there were some scenes where the protagonist explores what it’s like being in a new female body along with his struggle to keep his real identity.



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Exam Results:


This romantic comedy drama is superb and mind-blowing! You can never get enough of it! Everything’s perfect until you realize the fact that it has come to an end. All episodes are well made and entertaining, thanks to the writers who went wild with humor!

Heart Effects:

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