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Mr. Sunshine (2018) B+

The Sh'Pill:

Imagine returning home to your country of birth, to fulfil a lifelong purpose, only to be distracted by a person with the power to melt your freezing heart. Who’s strong enough to fulfil a mission, when matters of the heart threaten to make you mush along the way?!

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Best Time To Watch:

Any time of the day. This mesmerizing drama managed to craftily combine political intrigues with the most heartwarming love story. It will be easy for you to get hooked if you love to learn more about Korea’s colourful history.

Prescribed For:

Beginners who want to have the most memorable introduction to the Korean drama world. It is also for veterans who love a breathtaking and artistic representation of history.

Side Effects:

It becomes hard to enjoy other true-to-life historical drama without comparing it to this series. It sets the bar high for other dramas with the same theme.

Cast & Chemistry:

It was a stellar cast of actors composed of some of the best Korean stars in history. Every character plays a big role in the story. Their performances matched the show’s breathtaking cinematography.

Addiction Level:

3 pills! Because if the interesting theme and picturesque cinematography, it would be hard to stop watching every episode once you begin playing the first one.


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Every element of this drama proved why it was one of the highest-rated series in the history of Korean cable television. The male lead, after dealing with the traumatic experiences from his past, found his way back to the place that he tried to escape from, to fulfill a mission, and unexpectedly met a person that will change his life. The story alone will get you hooked after it brilliantly combined history, action, and romance with a little comedic theme in every episode. The beautiful sets and realistic costumes are also very pleasing to the eyes.
Hard Pill to Swallow
While every scene seemed to be very important for the entire story, there are instances that feels very dragging. It includes the numerous exchange of looks between the male and female leads and their seemingly long farewell scenes.



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Exam Results:


Portraying a challenging time in Korea without losing the romantic element makes it one of the best dramas produced in the country.

Heart Effects:

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