Drama + Pharma


11STREET still deals with netizens’ torn reactions to actor Kim Seon Ho’s scandal. People threatened to boycott the brand after they reinstated the actor’s advertisement. However, the exact opposite took place as the company’s sales reached a record high after the ads’ reinstatement.

Earlier, 11STREET reinstated all of Kim Seon Ho’s contents and explained that the issue on his scandal had been concluded. 

According to 11STREET, they reached 200 billion KRW, or 170 million USD, on their last day on the 2021 11th Festival. MyDaily reported that the company said on the last day of the festival at 9 am, the sales hit 21 billion KRW. That broke the record for the highest transaction amount in an hour. 

11STREET’s president Lee Sang-Ho expressed his gratitude towards brand affiliates and sellers who made the event successful. The company also didn’t forget to thank Kim Seon Ho as the advertisement’s success was all due to his hard work. 

The words Kim Seon Ho effect is becoming a reality, and with the success of 11STREET’s festival, his fans are excited to see what else the actor has in store for them in the future. His project as the lead in Sad Tropics will push through.