BlockBerryCreative Reveals Expulsion of Chuu From LOONA 

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Chuu is no longer part of LOONA, the group’s agency BlockBerryCreative announced Friday, November 25. 

The agency revealed in a statement that Chuu has been kicked out of the girl group due to “abuse of power.”

According to the agency, they were informed of incidences involving Chuu who used violent language towards a staff. They conducted an internal investigation and proved that the allegations were true. 

The agency also apologized to the staff who was affected by the incident. 

Read the agency’s full statement below: 

Hello. This is BlockBerryCreative.

We are releasing a statement to notify fans that we have decided that our agency artist Chuu will be expelled and withdrawn as a member of LOONA as of November 25, 2022.

There have been lots of speculations about LOONA’s Chuu this past year, but the agency and the LOONA members did not release any statements in order to not cause trouble with the group’s growth or cause concern to fans.

With the LOONA members’ affection for the team and consideration for their fans, rather than say what is true or not, they tried to express their feelings by putting in their best efforts for performances and content.

However, after recently being told of Chuu’s violent language and misuse of power toward our staff, the truth was found upon investigation. Agency representatives are apologizing and comforting staff, and we have decided to take responsibility for this and remove Chuu from LOONA.

First of all, we officially apologize to the staff who have been greatly hurt by this incident, and we will put in our full effort so they can now heal and focus on treatment and then return to their normal lives.

We apologize to the fans who have loved and supported LOONA until now and ask for your sincere forgiveness in not being able to have 12 members together until the end.

The agency and LOONA will return to our roots and work as hard as possible so an incident like this never happens again in the future no matter what. The LOONA members did not work only for their individual gains, and they know what fans have given them to bring them to this point, so they did not do anything to cause trouble to the team. They will make it to the end and give back for the love from everyone who supports LOONA.

Also, the agency and the LOONA members will act with respect and gratitude toward all of the staff who work with us. The agency will do everything possible to give back for the staff’s sacrifices and devotion so something like this never happens again. We once again bow our heads in apology to the involved staff and the fans for causing trouble with this incident.

Before removing Chuu from LOONA, news outfits reported that she was setting up a one-man entertainment agency in late October. The report was refuted by BlockBerryCreative at that time. 

Source: Naver

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