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BTS Finds: “BTS The Fact: We Remember Photobook”

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I don’t buy BTS merchandise because BROKE, but this certain photobook was on sale, and I couldn’t let this opportunity pass up. So I bought it, and so, here are the things you’ll find with the BTS The Fact: We Remember Photobook. 

What is The Fact?

The Fact Music Awards, abbreviated as TMA, is established by The Fact and organized by Fan N Star. The music awards aim to recognize major contributors to the Hallyu Wave. TMA started on TMA and based its winners through objective data from Gaon, a panel of judges, and fans’ participation in Korea and abroad. 

What does BTS The Fact: We Remember cover? 

Surprisingly, a lot! The 140-page photobook alone compromises photos of onstage, backstage and special photos taken from the “MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS” and the “2020 THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS.” 

Due to copyright issues, I can only share a few of these photos. 

The photobook is a hardcover (22×30.4 cm).

What does the photobook include? 

You’ll receive the photobook in a photobook case that holds 32 photo cards that have a dimension of 4.3×6 inches. There are four group photo cards and four photos of each member. There are also five print photos of the members, all A4 sizes! 

The photocards are encapsulated in cases that make up the letter ‘R.’ Pretty neat! 

What’s so Interesting About it? 

It’s an insider peek at some of BTS’ memorable times. After all, they connected with a whole generation after singing Coldplay’s Fix You on MTV Unplugged. Also, them being awarded Daesangs at the 2020 TMA shows just how much teamwork makes the dream work. 

It’s a great destresser at the end of the day. Seeing your hard work become an item you can cherish forever definitely makes the spend worth it. 

Description: Hobi discovered BTS photos, Hobi guard photos, Hobi hate hooman.

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