DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon Shares Sweet Message for Fans Before Undergoing Surgery For Fractures Sustained While Filming New Drama

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Before her scheduled treatment for her fractured collarbone due to an accident sustained on the set of her new drama “The Golden Spoon,” DIA member Jung Chaeyeon posted a message to her fans early Tuesday, September 13, on her social media account so they will not worry about her condition. 

The idol-turned-actress wrote: 

“Writing this because I don’t want AID to worry:

AID!!!!!! We were supposed to laugh that day, now what!!!!!!

I had a feeling you were going to be worried sick so I decided to come here hehehehe.

I’ll be fine once I get surgery!!!!! Don’t worry.

I admit I’m a little nervous… but it’ll all be fine.

Hahahahaha don’t worry. I’m really fine, if I don’t count my shoulder and my collarbone.

Ah..! The concussion!!!! It’s gone now, my head is fine!!!! I’m fine!!!”

DIA’s agency MBK Entertainment revealed Monday, September 12, that Jung Chaeyeon suffered from a collarbone injury on the set of the new drama in the early morning of Saturday, September 190. She reportedly fell on the stairs and was immediately rushed to a medical facility in Seoul. 

The agency also mentioned that after getting an X-ray and CT scan, the doctors discovered that Jung Chaeyeon has a collarbone fracture and displayed concussion symptoms. She received emergency treatment but was scheduled for surgery to check for ligament damage on Tuesday afternoon.

The singer-actress will appear in “The Golden Spoon” as the kind chaebol heiress named Na Joo Hee. She is joined by BTOB’S Yook Sungjae as ordinary student Lee Seung Chun, and Lee Jong Won as the wealthy and privileged guy named Hwang Tae Yong who will be Na Joo Hee’s fiancé due to a forced engagement. Yeonwoo also joined the cast as the rich yet greedy Oh Yeo Jin. 

“The Golden Spoon” is scheduled to premiere on MBC on September 23. 

Source: AllKPop

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