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Fans Raise Concern Over Park Bom’s Health After Seeing Her Latest Video

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The latest video of K-pop singer Park Bom caused a stir online after fans expressed their concern over her health. 

The video was taken during the singer’s performance at the 2022 POPSTIVAL last October 21 in the Philippines. The audience was delighted to see her perform several hit songs, including “Fire,” “4:44,” “Spring,” “You & I,” and “Don’t Cry.” 

A fan-made video posted by one of the audiences during the 2022 POPSTIVAL in Manila [Twitter/dianalimuco]

However, the fans noticed the drastic changes in her appearance during the performance. 

In a video posted on Monday, October 24, former entertainment newscaster turned YouTuber Lee Jin Ho explained that Park Bom was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and was having trouble controlling her eating habits. It was already a problem even way back when she was going on tours with her idol group 2NE1 and other activities under YG Entertainment. 

YouTuber Lee Jin Ho weighs in on Park Bom’s recent performance video. [YouTube/]

I asked a former YG Entertainment official and they said it was hard to control her. Especially when Park Bom was stressed she would binge eat so it was difficult for her to watch her weight. Not only her weight, but she was also spontaneous even with her styling.” the YouTuber explained.

The former reporter also mentioned that a person who previously worked as a YG Entertainment official claimed that they had a hard time controlling her, especially when she feels stressed. She would resort to binge eating, which makes it challenging to monitor her weight. The agency also had a hard time styling her. 

Lee Jin Ho also mentioned his concern for the singer’s well-being. “Park Bom seems to have gained weight since her appearance on broadcast back in July, August. Many are concerned that the reason for her weight gain might be that she might have experienced something to cause her great stress,” he stated. 

Park Bom’s agency D-Nation immediately released a statement in response to the growing concern about Park Bom’s health. 

She doesn’t have any health issues. She just gained weight since she was in her inactive period. She started working out to go on a diet,” the agency stated. 

Source: AllKPop 

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