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NCT DoJaeJung Cancels Promotions Due to Jae-Hyun’s Current Health Condition

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NCT’s special group DoJaeJung canceled their scheduled activities this week due to Jae-hyun’s health condition. 

SM Entertainment announced on NCT’s official fan community that Jae-hyun went to the hospital due to a body ache. After conducting a COVID-19 PCR test, they received negative results. However, though the test went negative, his high fever and sore throat worsened. Hence, he will rest this week and possibly quarantine for COVID-19. 

Here is the official announcement of SM Entertainment as translated by SYSTRAN

“Good morning.

Here’s a guide on Jae-hyun’s current health situation.

Jae-hyun visited the hospital due to a body ache and conducted a COVID-19 PCR test but received negative results.

Although he was diagnosed with a cold, his symptoms, such as high fever and sore throat, continue to worsen. He will take a break until this week to preemptively prepare for a complete recovery of his health and a possible incubation period for COVID-19.

Therefore, we would like to inform you that the schedule for music broadcasts and fan signing events, which were scheduled for this week’s NCT’s first mini-album, “Perfume,” was inevitably canceled.

As soon as Jae-hyun’s health recovers, we will announce the schedule for NCT’s promotional activities.

We will do our best to focus on recovery, considering the health and safety of the artist as a top priority.

Thank you.”

Source: MBN News

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