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Outrage Ensues as BTS Jimin’s Missing Mails turn up on Infamous DC Inside Gallery

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Hours earlier, a reporter from KDramaPharma covered news on Jimin’s apartment. BigHit Music took responsibility for the debacle after the apartment was temporarily confiscated because of unpaid health insurance premiums. 

However, after the article was published, photos of the missing documents, also leaked notice Jimin and BigHit didn’t receive showed up on DC Inside. DC Inside is a South Korean internet forum dedicated to digital cameras and photography. The site is notorious for causing idols trouble, with DC Inside condoning it, proven by their official statement on the problem they’ve caused famous idol, Kang Daniel. 

Korean netizens posted photos of the documents on one community platform. There, they stated that people stole these documents to cause trouble for the BTS member. These documents were poached twice from BTS’s mailbox in Hannam Hill dorm. They said they held onto these documents and released these to a reporter for publication.

In less than twelve hours after the first article, these netizens discussed strategies on how they would spread the rumor, including Jimin’s register docs and other stolen documents. 

Blurred Leaks from DC Inside

DC Inside protected netizens who openly talked about how they were going to ruin an idol’s career on their platform, claiming it is freedom of expression. However, are falsehood and abuse forms of freedom of expression for this to be allowed? 

(c) DC Inside’s statement on Kang Daniel incident

The outrage is unreal on social media, with the topic circulating under BTS, Jimin, and BigHit Music hashtags online. Kang Daniel’s issue also resurfaced. The community forum divulged BTS’ apartment in Hannam Hill and Jimin’s apartment in Hannam Nine. BTS has maintained the level of information they’re willing to share, and it’s now all over DC Inside and published by K-Media. 

ARMYs and other KPop fans are worried about the level of sabotaging people will go through to ruin BTS and other idols’ lives.

ARMYs are distraught and outraged for BTS and ask HYBE to sue the KNetizens, DC Inside, and for an investigation to see what’s truly going on. 

Source: Screenshots from DC Inside and AllKPop

This is a developing story.

Some ARMYs ask for a proper investigation of the Bizhankook reporter who agreed to publish the article. For the sender to get their hands on those official documents, people must have Jimin’s thirteen-digit security number. The original poster on DC Inside included a property foreclosure notice that also contains his personal information.

A post from the AllKpop forum showed KNetz discussing BTS antis stealing information from them.

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