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Ra Mi Ran And Lee Re To Star In New Children’s Novel-Based Fantasy Drama 

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A new fantasy drama will star actresses Ra Mi Ran and Lee Re, industry insiders revealed Tuesday, March 28. 

The upcoming drama, tentatively called “The Mysterious Candy Store,” is based on a 2013 children’s novel of the same title written by Reiko Hiroshima. 

The novel sold over 1.9 million copies in Korea since its release. 

The drama will tell the story of a mystical candy store that only exists for chosen people. Its store owner hands out personalized candy recommendations to the customers based on their present needs. 

If the customer use or eat the candies in the wrong way, they will not get what they hoped for. It means that their fortune and misfortune still depend on their decisions.  

Ra Mi Ran will portray the role of the magical candy store owner Hong Ja. In an interview regarding her upcoming project, the actress expressed her excitement for the show. 

“While reading the script of ‘The Mysterious Candy Store,’ I imagined how sweets sold by Hong-ja could grant wishes to her customers. I’m curious about how the script will be turned into a live-action drama,” Ra Mi Ran shared. 

It will be Ra Mi Ran’s next project after her upcoming drama on JTBC titled “The Good Bad Mother” with Lee Do Hyun. 

Meanwhile, Lee Re will portray the role of Hong Ja’s nemesis Yo Mi. She runs the rival candy store. 

When asked about her plans to tackle her villainous role, the actress revealed that she wanted to make a mark on the audience. 

“I want to create an unconventional villain that viewers won’t forget,” Lee Re stated. 

The production of “The Mysterious Candy Store” started on March 24, with plans of airing in the later part of 2023. 

Source: The Korea Times 

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