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Reasons Why Eric Nam is a Paragon of Selflessness

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As scandals rise and expose celebrity’s true nature, KPop singer and host Eric Nam remain an exemplary model to many. In modern terms, he is one of the most unproblematic KPop idols ever. Eric goes beyond the bare minimum of the idols, something many have already failed at, as proven by history and recent events. He’s kind and respectful to his fandom, Nam Nation, the KPop community, his elders, co-workers, and other idols, young and old. He’s someone people gravitate towards, and it truly shows why. 

People testify about Eric’s brilliance and good ethics. Even videos of him become awe-inspiring due to his actions mirroring what’s inside, a pure soul. There are many reasons why people of all kinds love him, aside from his amazing talent. Here are some of the reasons why. 

He is a Mental Health Advocate

Mental health is a taboo topic in the South Korean entertainment industry. The culture is more restricting to the point of suffocating. Countless idols lost their lives due to the harsh reality of being an idol, having high standards imposed on them, their private lives facing intrusion from the paparazzi and obsessed fans, and even people in power abusing them. It’s too much. 

Artists work for their craft, and people forget that for their selfish desires. Eric Nam is progressively acting against that. His podcast project “Mindset” offers a safe space for fellow artists to share their stories of mental health challenges and struggles. While people, companies, and “fans” want to bury these things, Eric seeks to change that. He speaks, and for many artists and non-artists alike, there’s comfort knowing you’re not alone and empowerment in learning from others’ experiences and words of wisdom. 

Eric is a Fairy God-Father

Eric’s fan service is unique and often on a personal level. He’s the male equivalent of a fairy godmother making dreams come true. A moment in his There and Back Again World Concert in Vancouver this year changed a Nam Citizen’s life forever. During the picture-taking, Eric “adopted” 18-year-old Amori after she caught his attention with her quirky signs, asking him, “Dad, what’s for Dinner?” 

The rest is history. 

Stops Performance to Help Save a Life

Some artists get unnerved by interruptions during their performances, but medical emergencies should never be one of them. Eric always shows how quickly he responds to fans having attacks during his concert. He is considerate, knowing that the nature of concerts, even venues, negatively affects fans’ health, and it’s inevitable to have these kinds of crises. 

These were two recorded instances when he went above and beyond for his fans. 

Stops Mid-Performance and Calls for Medical Assistance

In his There and Back Again World Tour concert held in Brussels, Belgium, Eric halted his performance of his hit song “I Don’t Know You Anymore.” As seen on the TikTok video and verified by Nam Citizens’ comments, he pointed toward someone in the crowd and said, “Sorry, sorry. We have a medical emergency right here.” 

Fans stated that the venue’s atmosphere was warm. Hence, some were overheated and dehydrated. One commenter assisted by holding a sign that read, “Paramedics needed further back in the room.” The girl recovered quickly after drinking water and getting fresh air. 

Stops Mid-Choreography to Tend to Fan’s Health Issue

In the same concert tour held in Seattle, Washington, Eric performed his single “You’re Sexy, I’m Sexy.” He immediately stopped dancing and singing when some fans yelling “stop” and “water” caught his attention. He immediately apologized for stopping and explained that a fan was having an attack. The staff immediately assisted the fan, being moved out of the crowd and given water. 

Eric emphasized the importance of ensuring everyone’s well-being. He also experiences panic attacks. His empathy is on a personal level, and his quick response, along with his staff and their work dynamic, save lives. 


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He’s Considerate

Eric is considerate, more so than the average idol. In cold or hot weather, the typical idol response would be empty words of gratitude or nothing. Throughout his There and Back Again tour, aside from ensuring Nam Nation’s health and safety in cold weather, he had his staff give hot chocolate and coffee to fans waiting in line. 

Eric Nam is the idol and person that shows how much we shouldn’t put up with people who do below the bare minimum or opposite of decency. In a cutthroat industry that forgets humanity mirrored by some parts of a community, Eric and Nam Nation are gems that truly deserve the respect they behold. 

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