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Seo Ye Ji’s Comeback Drama ‘Eve’ Cancels Press Conference, Delays Premiere Date 

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Fans of Seo Ye Ji will need to wait for some time before seeing the actress back on the small screen after the producers of the upcoming tvN drama “Eve” announced Friday, May 21, that the premiere will be delayed for a week.

According to the producers of the show, the premiere episode of “Eve” will air on June 1 instead of its original May 25 schedule. 

Promotional poster for the new drama “Eve.” [tvN]

“Although [‘Eve’] is a pre-produced drama, due to various factors such as COVID-19, filming was delayed a lot,” the producers explained. “We’re still in the midst of filming, and due to our tight schedule for things like post-production, we wound up postponing our first broadcast by a week.” 

The production team also mentioned that they decided to cancel the show’s scheduled press conference because of their hectic filming schedule. They are also quick to add that the cancellation has no connection with Seo Ye Ji’s recent controversy to avoid unwarranted speculations. 

“Due to our filming schedule, it has become impossible for us to hold a press conference,” the team stated. “Some have speculated that [this decision] is due to the pressure involved with Seo Ye Ji’s return, but that is not true. It is simply because of our filming schedule that we are unable to hold a press conference.”

Seo Ye Ji was involved in a highly publicized controversy in 2021 over her past relationship with actor Kim Jung Hyun. Based on a report from Dispatch, the actress ordered her then-boyfriend to ask the writers of the 2018 drama “Time” to remove all physical contact between him and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun in the script. 

The actress release a public apology regarding the scandal in February 2022, citing her immaturity at the time of the previous relationship. She vowed to show a more mature version of herself after almost a year of hiatus. 

The drama “Eve” is Seo Ye Ji’s latest project as she returns to the limelight. 

The romance-revenge drama will focus on the story of a chaebol’s shocking divorce lawsuit that rocked the entire country. The ₩2 trillion (about $1.7 billion) divorce case was actually an act of well-calculated revenge that took 13 years in the making. 

The drama will also feature Park Byung-eun, Lee Sang-yeob, and Yoo Sun. 

Source: Naver 

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