Since 2010, South Korean fans have adorned the Seoul Metro, celebrating their idols’ accomplishments and birthdays. It has become a fandom culture to do these on subway station billboards. However, the rising prices of advertisement fees affected fans’ traditions, making them frustrated. 

In a report by Korea JoongAng Daily, Samsung Station in Southern Soul increased their billboard fees by 50 percent. From 4.5 million Won, the price of this prime location became 7 million Won. Samsung station is connected to mall Coex and another major convention. 

Samsung Station and Gangnam Station are hot spots for advertisements due to the high foot traffic and youth. Western Seoul’s Hongik University Station is also considered a prime location. These three stations pass by many of Seoul’s popular locations. 

Both Gangnam Station and Hongik Station now charge around 7 million Won. Fees are determined by the agencies that bid for the stations. 

 Fandoms have either changed their locations or lengthened their fundraising campaigns to cope with rising prices. 

What do you think of the KPop community’s current challenge? Do you think we should switch to digital or continue the billboard tradition? Comment below