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Ten Timeless Summer Tracks to Add to Your Playlist

The Tea is Hot! The News is Cool. And the DRAMA is Oh So Juicy!!!

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It’s officially summer! June 21 is the beginning of the summer solstice. What does that mean for us Kpop fans? More reasons to blast music, or maybe you’re like me, who loves to let my head wander into another world with every song I hear. Music is great company whether you’re driving, in the backseat, or walking around and taking that direct Vitamin D (Please wear sunscreen). Here’s a list of songs that will go well as you live your summer dream.


I didn’t find much information on this particular AOA song. But I can tell that Ladi Dadi is a great summer song as it has Reggaeton elements infused with the typical Korea Dance/Electronic genre. It’s a unique song that makes a great party anthem. It’s an energetic, funky theme that will truly keep people dancing. 

Hot Summer – F(x) 

Hot Summer was an original song by German pop group Monrose. The dance-pop track had heavy elements of electropop, house, and Sprechgesang. What is Sprechgesang, you may ask? Sprechgesang is an expressionist vocal technique between singing and speaking. 

In 2011, F(x) recorded the song in Korean and Japanese. They’ve made a whole new world with this track that became the summer anthem in 2011. It’s a classic summer Kpop song that people love to this day for a reason. 


Mamamoo’s Gogobebe is a reggaeton track with Latin guitar riffs. It’s the perfect track to chill with, whether alone or with company. It’s not a summer love track but a story and MV of friends having fun. No going through the past and letting the time flow as you savor the moment. 

Fire – 2ne1

2ne1’s debut single “Fire” propelled them to stardom, reigning as the queens of Kpop with their girl crush concept since May 6, 2009. “Fire” showed the member’s charisma, individually and as a group. The song gained massive success, topping Korean charts since its release. People were enamored by the dancehall and electropop, energetic hit with sophisticated notes on top of it. The fierce and independent girl anthem gives the oomph of confidence to walk in a strange place and perhaps make it your runway. 

Red Flavor – Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s Red Flavor remains one of the most loved and ever played summer songs. The tropical house, dance-pop, and electropop fusion mix had expressive lyricism of love in colors and flavors. The MV had scenes of Red Velvet interviewing fruits and color schemes that aimed to resemble seasonal love’s intensity. The choreography also resembled cheerleading. 

Ko Ko Bop

Ko Ko Bop was co-written by Exo members Chen, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun. According to Chanyeol, “Ko Ko Bop” means “Fun Dancing.” The song is a reggae-pop fusion, and the song’s message is to enjoy life and ignore haters. 

Baekhyun stated that the lyrics meant to have people become more carefree, release their stress, and dance away, “fun dancing” to the music. The song had classic doo-wop elements that will remind you of the tropical scene. The MV was a colorful play of colors and themes that will alter your senses. 

Why – Taeyeon 

Taeyeon’s Why is an EDM pop track that swept the charts after its release. The singer described the tropical-house-inspired pop track as something that would make you feel refreshed and want to dance. It was made to be a tune for the summer. The lyrics detail the desire to escape a suffocating life and re-energize oneself. The song also implied hesitancy in dreaming big.

WHY is the track that gives one something to ponder while playing in the background. 

Airplane pt.2 – BTS

Airplane pt.2 is a Latin-inspired pop track from BTS’ mini-album Love Yourself: Tear. The song has an addictive hook similar to the sound of water in an oasis in the hot desert. Airplane pt.2 is the B-track that described BTS’ life as they traveled from country to country and the difficulty of living as one of this generation’s biggest stars. 

You’d be hooked with every beat and control the urge to travel as they name places they’ve all stepped foot on, and it’s okay; you’re not alone. 

Alcohol-Free – TWICE

From their album “Taste of Love,” Twice’s track Alcohol-Free is a Bossa-nova track with hip-hop elements. Its lyricism is of love’s sensation being similar to drinking alcohol. The MV took place on a beach and is reminiscent of their earlier track, Dance the Night Away. 

Love drunk without the alcohol. Limit your alcohol intake, everyone! 

That That -Psy ft. Suga of BTS

The MV of That That was filmed on a sandy beach in Incheon. The track is a subtle nod to Psy’s classic hit Gangnam Style. Suga of BTS also took part in composing and producing this track. He and Psy collaborated and brought this masterpiece to life with an MV to boot. 

“That That” is a song that talks about the daily grind and celebrates the artists’ and listeners’ achievements, ignoring their haters and continuing to hustle. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Like the summer heat, can you feel it? 

I hope you enjoy the tracks on this list. Wear your sunscreen and enjoy the moment. Happy Summer! 

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