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THE BOYZ Says Sorry For Rising Sun Flag Inclusion In Their Latest Vlog 

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An apology came out from THE BOYZ’s agency on Friday, February 3, after getting flak due to the appearance of a hat with a Rising Sun symbol in the Tokyo visit episode of their vlog.  

In the episode, a clip showing THE BOYZ member Hyunjae wearing a hat designed with the Rising Sun flag on its side got the attention of the viewers. The symbol has been associated with Japan’s imperialist era. 

The vlog is already revised and re-uploaded after the backlash.

Due to the controversy, the group’s agency IST Entertainment released a statement to apologize. 

Read the apology statement below.


This is IST Entertainment.

In the content uploaded today, we confirmed the scene [of Hyunjae] wearing the hat with the pattern in question, so after deleting that scene, we’ve uploaded the video again.

The members tried on the hat without realizing the pattern in question and this problem arose as we uploaded this content without recognizing it ourselves.

In the future, we will be more cautious to ensure that this kind of issue is not repeated.

We apologize for causing concern.”

THE BOYZ is busy preparing for their comeback with the release of their eighth mini album on February 20.

Source: Soompi

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