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THE BOYZ’s Agency Vows To Run After Individuals Spreading False Rumors And Invading Group’s Privacy

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IST Entertainment, the agency handling K-pop boy band THE BOYZ released a warning on Tuesday, April 4, against those who intrude on the members’ privacy and disseminate false news against the group. 

The agency posted the warning on the boy band’s official fan cafe. 

According to IST Entertainment, the members still experience unauthorized visits from various individuals to places where they usually hang out despite their initial warning issued last year. 

The privacy invasion cases were regularly recorded and reported to the local police so the agency can take strong legal action against the perpetrators. 

Read the agency’s full statement below. 

“Hello. This is IST Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to thank fans who show lots of support and love for THE BOYZ.

Even after releasing the announcement on privacy infringement in February of last year, unauthorized visits to places related to the artists’ daily lives such as office building and hair salon as well as the dorm continued, causing serious mental and material damage to the artists as well as their families, acquaintances, and people around them.

We inform you that the acts [of invasion of privacy], such as making loud noises in front of the company building, blocking paths while filming, attempting to trespass the artists’ dorm and parking lot, and following dangerously in a vehicle, are being collected through black box and CCTV footage and are continuously delivered and reported to the local police station.

Even at dawn today, there was a case that was handed over to a police officer on site for committing the acts mentioned above. If such an act of invasion of privacy continues to occur even after this announcement, our agency will take strong legal action without leniency in order to prevent further damage and protect the privacy of the artists, so please stop the act of invading the privacy of the artists immediately.

Also, as previously informed, we have asked [people] to refrain from posting false rumors about THE BOYZ, continuously [making] defamatory remarks, and invading their privacy. Nevertheless, we are aware that the act of violating the rights and interests of artists has gone too far, and we inform you that we are continuously collecting evidence and receiving legal consultation in this regard.

We will continue to take thorough legal action against malicious posts through self-monitoring and e-mails sent by fans, and we would like to inform you that there will be no leniency or agreement in this process even in the future.

For THE BOYZ and THE B (THE BOYZ’s fan club) who love THE BOYZ, we will do our best to protect the rights and interests of our artists, and we are continuing to collect evidence through self-monitoring and e-mails sent from fans and review them through our legal representatives.

We ask for your active reports in order to eradicate the spread of malicious posts and prevent the invasion of privacy.

Thank you.”

Source: THE BOYZ Fan Cafe

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