Time For Love: Lee Seung Gi Drops Wedding Plans With Lee Da In

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Lee Seung Gi made the news once again, but on a happier note this time, after announcing his upcoming wedding to longtime girlfriend Lee Da In on Tuesday, February 7.

The actor-singer shared the happy news in a handwritten letter on his Instagram account. 

Read the actor’s heartfelt note below. 

“Hello, it’s Lee Seung-gi. 

This year, in many ways, I think I have a lot to write about.
Today, I want to tell you about the most important decision of my life.

I have decided to spend the rest of my life together as a ‘couple’ and not lovers anymore.

I Proposed & I Received A Win
Uploading wedding this coming April 7.

Now that I have a person who will be in charge of my life, I am happy to convey this news to you all.

She has a warm heart and loving,
This is the person I want to keep on my side forever.

Sharing our joy together,

Even though life is hard
I want to overcome trials without letting go of the hand that I hold.

I hope you’ll support our future
With much to share, I will live my life happily.

Thank you.”

The future bride and groom went public about their relationship in May 2021, a year after they start dating each other. 

According to previous reports, the couple’s relationship started out as friends, then it progressed due to their similar love for acting and golf. 

Lee Seung Gi’s announcement came after months of the legal battle against his former agency, Hook Entertainment, due to the non-payment of his music distribution fees and other management violations. 

Source: Korean JoongAng Daily

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