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One Ordinary Day (2021)

The Sh'Pill:

What happens when a seemingly ordinary college student mysteriously becomes the prime suspect in a murder case? Will the truth win out and justice be served or is the punishment already just enough for the accused?

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Best Time To Watch:

“One Ordinary Day” has only eight episodes. The best time to watch this Kim Soo Hyun masterpiece is on the weekends if you can watch it all at once.

Prescribed For:

This is a must-see for Kim Soo Hyun and thriller fans alike. Because there is a bit of violence and an intimate scene, you may wish to avoid those parts.

Side Effects:

You might find yourself thinking that people can learn from the bad things that happen in their lives. Occasionally, someone comes into your life to teach you a lesson.

Cast & Chemistry:

When Kim Soo Hyun plays the main character in this series, he does great. His deep and silent looks are compelling in many scenes. It was also worth watching every dialogue, plotline, and discussion because the actors were wholly immersed in their roles, especially the lawyers.

Addiction Level:

It’s addictive because of the well-made scenes and heartfelt performances. It has all of the ingredients for a good show, especially if you like investigative dramas like this one.


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A perfectly ordinary college student is put in the spotlight of a murder investigation by a mysterious murderer. A lawyer is ready to help him with his legal problems. Taking a hard look at the justice system from a well-known point of view, the lawyer’s life changes dramatically due to his involvement in the case, both for the better and for the worse. This series has also tried to portray criminal psychology through the main character. Bribery in prison, inmate behavior and illicit activities are also a significant part of the series.
Hard Pill to Swallow
The last few scenes could have used more drama to make them more exciting. On the other hand, Korean shows with fewer than 10 episodes can make it hard for people to keep up with them.



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Exam Results:


The entire cast is comprised of brilliant individuals. The direction is simply incredible. Apart from the script’s overall management, the scene organization and general screen editing are excellent. Additionally, there is some superb sound editing. Apart from these great actors’ outstanding acting or performance, the fast-paced plot and investigative methods used make this a real work of art, despite the series 8 episodes.

Heart Effects:

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