The Penthouse I: War in Life (2020)

The Sh'Pill:

One woman with a tragic past reigns supreme in Hera Palace. People living a rich life are bound to have their lives shaken by scandals here and there, and the residents of Hera Palace find themselves in a bind after the tragic death of a student. Most of them haven’t recovered yet when a middle-class woman with her talented child barge into their lives and challenge their beliefs: mystery, thriller, and the sound of music combined with adult affairs and teenage angst.

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Best Time To Watch:

Penthouse I: War in Life comes with 21 episodes. If you’re an impatient watcher, it is best to binge-watch it in your free time. But if you’re a bit disciplined, an hour a day will do.

Prescribed For:

KDrama newbies and addicts. There’s a bit of blood involved, so if you’re not into that, maybe you should skip it.

Side Effects:

You might find yourself wanting a continuation, which, SPOILER ALERT, there are two more seasons for you to watch so you can definitely satisfy your cravings.

Cast & Chemistry:

The cast is star-studded, and their chemistry is off the charts! You will feel tension, irritation, and anticipation with each scene as they just do it so well that it makes the flow of the story smooth.

Addiction Level:

4 Pills – It is addictive, with every scene making one anticipate the answer to the episode’s mystery.


Original Network:


Places To Watch:

Viki/WeTV/SBS World

Episode Count:



A murder disrupts the quiet life in Hera Palace. Beneath the glitz and glam, there’s a can of worms waiting to be opened. Shim Suryeon, played by Lee Ji-Ah, rules the penthouse. A loving mother and devoted wife, she witnesses someone fall to her death. The residents are quick to bury the hatchet, but she is out there looking for answers when a strange man named Logan Lee, played by Park Eun Seok, pretends to be someone else as he tries to solve the puzzle of who killed his stepsister. Suryeon finds out that her husband may be involved in this incident, hiding secrets and having an affair, and finds solace in a friend who later becomes a possible culprit. Everyone has secrets that threaten the sanctuary and sanctity of the penthouse. With their children involved, is the answer worth their lives’ destruction?
Hard Pill to Swallow
Perhaps the hard pill to swallow in this is the plot twist of the killer.



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It’s not perfect but it is definitely memorable

Heart Effects:

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