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Record of Youth (2020)

The Sh'Pill:

Endless drama unfolds when a wannabe actor whose life is full of struggles, an up-and-coming Korean superstar, and an optimistic makeup artist, cross paths, while dealing with the hardships that people in their 20s must face. Can they find their place in the unforgiving society while love unfolds?

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

Best to watch early because the story can get a bit slower in the middle and we don’t want yo uto risk getting a little sleepy while watching.

Prescribed For:

While loyal Park Bo Gum fans would be eager to watch this drama, it may not be the best starting drama for newbies who are entering the KDrama world.

Side Effects:

No lingering effects, just adorable memory flashes.. The mediocre plot may leave you craving for the lead stars’ earlier outstanding work.

Cast & Chemistry:

The chemistry between Sa Hye-Jun (Park Bo-Gum) and his grandpa (Han Ji-Hee) was truly something heartwarming.Viewers may expect a lot from the award-winning cast members of this drama. Sadly, the poorly written plot makes the actor’s lackluster chemistry dragging to watch.

Addiction Level:

2 pills. Park Bo-gum’s two-year mandatory military service may encourage you to finish this drama if you miss seeing him on your screen. Easy to watch without losing sleep


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A struggling model and wannabe actor faces all the challenges that you can imagine. Aside from his unsupportive family, and a swindling former manager, he must also deal with the jealousy he feels, as his childhood best friend gets the career that he longs for, with little to no effort. Meanwhile, a makeup artist who harbors a secret crush on him tries to make her own name in the makeup industry. When the leads seem to reach their goals, another hurdle gets in the way.
Hard Pill to Swallow
Perhaps the only thing that will make you want to want this series is the lead actors. But after the first few episodes, you will immediately notice that the plot is not going anywhere! There are plenty of interesting storylines in the beginning that failed to develop as the story progresses. The FL’s supposed strong plot turned a backseat and drifted off into oblivion.



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Exam Results:


This series could have really gone all the way but leaves you feeling like you’ve had an appetizer, still hungering for the main fill. With a couple of different choices, this could have definitely been a B+.

Heart Effects:

Recommended Follow-up:

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