Who Are You: School 2015 (2015)

The Sh'Pill:

On top of her personal struggles, Lee Eun Bi takes on her twin sister’s identity and slowly unfolds the mystery behind her disappearance. Will things go smoothly even when a trauma from her past resurfaces as her old bully transfers to their school?

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

When you’re already done with your work for the day. If I were you, I wouldn’t risk watching an episode before doing any tasks as I wouldn’t be able to entirely focus but just keeps thinking about what will happen next in the drama.

Prescribed For:

Teenagers who can surely relate to the real issues and struggles of the youth. Fans of the School Series will also find this interesting because of its mysterious element that most other school dramas didn’t have.

Side Effects:

You’ll develop a mild hatred over someone who didn’t do anything to you. Instead, she just did an excellent job portraying her character. Yes, I’m talking about So-Young here. Her character is so annoying that you’ll have the urge to throw your hands if it weren’t for Eun-Byeol, who taught us better. Punishing violence with violence is beneath us! ;)

Cast & Chemistry:

Each character has contrasting colors and distinct personalities, but the casts managed to show a great harmony working with each other. The high school setting contributes to having a friendly environment that extends behind the camera.

Addiction Level:

3.5 pills. They’re an expert at making the ending of each episode a cliffhanger. You’ll keep thinking about it, so why not just watch the next episode instead?


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The duality of this drama deserves recognition! On one side, it appears youthful and refreshing like a typical high school setting, and on the other side, it has an intriguing mystery trope that explores a layered and complex storyline. It highlights several teen problems and student issues that are prominent in real life, making the show more realistic and relatable. The casts also contributed to the dramatic tension with how excellent they act, considering that most are young and still have a lot to learn. Overall, School 2015 is a drama worth watching!
Hard Pill to Swallow
The ending could lead to various interpretations, which are probably what the writer wants. It could be a bit unsatisfying for some as the story didn’t give us a direct ending that could serve as a proper closure to the drama. Still, the story was fun and a simple entertainment to us all.



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Lee Eun Bi / Ko Eun-Byeol
Han Yi-An


Exam Results:


From the twin mystery, the love triangle, and even the anticipation for a reasonable punishment for the bully, there are a lot of factors that will hook you to continue watching! You’ll never get bored in every episode.

Heart Effects:

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