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SKY Castle (2018)

The Sh'Pill:

They only have one goal. To get their kids in South Korea’s top universities at ALL costs. It doesn’t matter if it’s for quality education or family pride; their ambitions must be met, even at the expense of their child’s well-being.

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Best Time To Watch:

When you don’t have a lot on your plate. This drama is mind-boggling and will keep you engaged even after finishing it, so you should prioritize your responsibilities first before starting this one.

Prescribed For:

I personally prescribed these for Mothers and Fathers as this drama questions some realistic parenting styles in today’s society. It shows how some parents try to micromanage their kids’ lives, some who are laid back and prioritize their children’s happiness, and those who are confused but want what’s best for them. Parents will surely learn a lot from these four affluent families.

Side Effects:

Not to exaggerate, but it’ll live rent-free in your mind! You’ll wonder if this is really happening in real life and how screwed up it is if it ever happens.

Cast & Chemistry:

It has a lot of characters since it shows the life of four different families, but they all acted so well and in sync with what message each family wanted to send to the audience. This drama became a powerhouse of A-list celebrities who lived up to their names and executed an incredible performance for the show.

Addiction Level:

Four pills! Once you’ve started, I’m afraid that there is no going back. It’s so intense that you wouldn’t want to miss even the slightest detail, so you’ll find yourself rewatching some of its episodes.


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Setting the show in an exclusive community already says a lot about how out-of-touch the affluent families are and how highly they value their social standing than anything else. SKY Castle accurately portrays how seemingly perfect they look from an outsider’s POV, but things are actually falling apart once you’ve step foot in their family household. They also made the women of these households control the flow of the story. Their characters are realistically written as they have their own reasonable motivation, which doesn’t justify but instead makes you understand the reason behind their actions. There are no clear lines whether they’re bad or a good parent, which I think is worth a compliment! It also shows how important education is for Asian families since it’s also a basis on how you’ll be respected, so the pressure was always on the students to do well. From the several-layer story, underlying themes, deep characters, unexpected plot, and even with technical things, they literally brought their A-game in making this show!
Hard Pill to Swallow
I love every single detail about this drama. It’s tough to find any flaws, and if there are then, it’s probably narrowing down to one’s subjective preferences. Some may find it hard to get accustomed to its heavy mood, yet some may see it appropriate for the serious themes and topics that the show would like to explore. Different emotions will overflow, but I can guarantee that it will be worth your time.



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Slow clap for the writers for its well-written story. Every scene and character was well thought off without any inconsistencies! It wonderfully executed a satirical drama with both an intense and humorous vibe. Even the background music and OSTs adds up to the tension making each scene more flawless. SKY Castle will definitely make it on your recommendation list!

Heart Effects:

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