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The King: Eternal Monarch (2020) B

The Sh'Pill:

An emperor of a fictional kingdom, discovers the real side of an alternate universe, where he meets the girl he has been searching for since childhood. Can their love transcend two worlds, or will it be lost and stuck forever in one?

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Best Time To Watch:

Here and There: since there is SO much to take in with this drama, it can feel a bit heavy getting through in a single sitting. It’s probably best for those who have time to take their time and properly digest its beauty, at a slower pace.

Prescribed For:

The opened minded and patient, KDrama Pro, who ‘s in no rush to binge finish something in a night. This is a great in-between drama to watch while you’re waiting on weekly episodes of new K-series to air.

Side Effects:

Although this is one rollercoaster of a ride, love triumphs ultimately. The life and love lessons that came with it moved me enough to watch again!

Cast & Chemistry:

Apart from the two leads, whom we all love and praise, Woo Do-hwan is without a doubt, the show’s breakout star, and ultimate charmer, thanks to his outstanding performance. You will fall in love with his characters, at some point, because he is quite the scene stealer. (The majestic white royal horse, Maximus, is pretty unforgettable too!)

Addiction Level:

2.5 Pills – While it won’t prevent you from taking a bathroom break, you’ll definitely want to stay present at each watching moment to see what adventure awaits you next!


Original Network:

Places To Watch:

Episode Count:


Despite being Netflix’s most-watched K-Drama” of 2020, “The King: Eternal Monarch”, with all of its bumpy twists, and crazy turns along the way, has left many of us drama addicts with a Big.Fat.HANGOVER! The complex, yet intriguing plot, mind blowing cinematography, and a storyline that is both literally and metaphorically out of this world, will leave you constantly guessing about what will happen next, until the very end! And although many scenes made me laugh out loud, with breakout characters that kept me super engaged, it was the drama’s sweeping cinematography that deserves all of the praise! Yes, I can confidently say that it was one of my favorite backdrops to accompany an already intoxicating series. And you’ll have to try hard to not be completely mesmerized by it. But Good luck with that!
Hard Pill to Swallow
This drama will likely leave you with a lot of unanswered questions after each episode, and there might be times when you feel you’re wracking your brain to understand. But don’t worry, and don’t quit! The answers are waiting right on the other side. Stick with it and everything will start to make sense at the conclusion.



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Exam Results:


The King: Eternal Monarch moves to the beat of it’s own drum and pace. For the story to unfold, you’ll need patience, as well as a healthy dose of curiosity. But if you’re willing to stick with it until the end, you could discover something beautiful waiting on the other side.

Heart Effects:

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