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Uncontrollably Fond (2016)

The Sh'Pill:

Reuniting with a past love that had a painful ending isn’t as difficult as reigniting and discovering that the second time around may be even more difficult… even uncontrollably so.

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Best Time To Watch:

At night when people don’t see you bawling your eyes out! Being in your bed, surrounded by pillows, and a blanket all over your body brings a small comfort while watching this drama.

Prescribed For:

People who are in the mood for a good cry and those who are emotionally prepared for some angst.

Side Effects:

No matter how happy or exciting your day is, you’ll always find yourself being sentimental when you’ve coincidentally come across one of its OSTs. You may want to watch something lighter for your next drama.

Cast & Chemistry:

If you didn’t see the spark between the leads right off the bat, then you probably need to get your eyes checked. Both leads having intense personalities make their bickering more fun to watch. They weren’t nominated as the Best Couple at the 38th KBS Drama Awards for nothing, duh!

Addiction Level:

3 pills. You’ll need to take a break in order to bear another pain of watching the next episode.


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Hearing just the first note of one of its soundtracks during a particular scene is like your cue to feel intense emotion! Each song feels like they are made solely for one specific scene as it perfectly set-ups the mood and brings out the emotions that they wanted us to feel. Not to mention the aesthetic cinematography that draws you into their fantasy world. Uncontrollably Fond is well-written and manages to give off genuine energy that will touch your heart as if you’ve personally known the characters. It is somehow predictable, yet you won’t get disappointed with how things end. It talks about how important it is to live your life to the fullest as we don’t want to leave with so many regrets. It teaches us not to be afraid to show our love to the people important to us, especially now that things are unpredictable. We all don’t want to miss the chance to tell them, don’t we?
Hard Pill to Swallow
It was off to a promising start, but the story kind of dragged towards the latter part. The spotlight shifted slightly away from the main couple, which I think is a pity since it is what the audience wanted to see the most. Still, this drama will make your heart flutter and hurt at the same time.



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Shin Joon Yeong
No Eul


Exam Results:


Not a bad attempt to have another great melodrama on the list, but it is a bit lacking and failed to sustain the initial excitement we felt in the early episodes. We anticipated more from this drama.

Heart Effects:

Recommended Follow-up:

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