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Vincenzo (2021)

The Sh'Pill:

Who do you call when you’re just little fish being circled by big conglomerate sharks in a small pond? A charming mafia boss that doesn’t shy away from danger and never loses his cool. Someone who manages to stay calm under pressure, collected when ruffled, and ever so cute in the toughest scenarios. This Italian raised mafia boss is back in Korea to clean the swamp from the pond. Vincenzo… Cassano to the rescue!

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Best Time To Watch:

Watch this when you have time to binge ALL episodes. If you try to squeeze in a few episodes, with limited time, some projects will be left unfinished.

Prescribed For:

A real treat for Addicts and Veterans who understand how campy, yet beautiful, Kdramas can be. A new watcher might not understand some of the playful ways in serious situations.

Side Effects:

This is a really hard drama to follow up. It has such great energy and leaves you so intoxicated that trying to watch anything else proves a bit difficult.

Cast & Chemistry:

I don’t know how they thought to put this group together but there was something magical about them. The hard contrasts in the beginning only made it comforting as they gelled with each other in the middle.

Addiction Level:

4 Pills: Highly Addictive! Week-to-Week watching is NOT an option, nut might be the healthiest choice. If you’re able to binge all episode, don’t plan to sleep in the next day or so…


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I have to admit that when I first heard that a Korean would be playing an Italian Mafioso, I was more than skeptical. And then I thought… “but why” – but after watching it, my thoughts are now… “why not?” And “what CAN’T Korean actors do?!!!” Nothing! They Can Do It All. (And almost perfectly). I’m totally into Vincenzo. I’m totally in belief. I see nothing but a suave, Italian’esque mafioso who can finesse his way through anything like a real wise guy can.
Hard Pill to Swallow
There’s really not much that I hated. I would have loved to see the payoff in the end be a bit grander than it was. We waiting and watched to see how everyone would spend their lives and it was simple, and sweet, but I would’ve gone big or gone home!



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It really caught me by surprise. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it surpassed all of it. Everything worked well together and the characters were memorable for sure.

Heart Effects:

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